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David Longshot is known for his long golf drives. At the driving range he hit a golf ball yards and estimated that the ball reached a maximum height of yards.

  1. Use a quadratic function to model the path of the golf ball.

    Recall the quadratic equation:

    Use the maximum-point coordinates to replace some variables in the equation above.

    Substitute for and to solve for the slope.

  2. David’s brother, Dwayne, was also at the driving range and hit a ball according to the table below. Which ball traveled farther horizontally? Which ball went higher in the air?

    Horizontal distance (yd)

    Height (yd)

    Sketch Dwayne's projection and notice how much farther his ball can travel past  yards.

    David's ball traveled farther at yards while Dwayne's ball traveled yards.
    How high did Dwayne's ball go?