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Convert each of the following angle measures. Give exact answers.

There are multiple ways to approach these problems. Try different strategies to expand your personal toolkit.

  1. radians to degrees.

    Use the Hint from
    problem 9-90.
    Let and simplify.
    Notice, you do not need a calculator if you divide by as your first step.

  1. radians to degrees

    Use the Hint or Help from problem 9-90.

    Simplify by factoring out Giant Ones.

  1. degrees to radians

    Use the second part of the Help from problem 9-90.

  1. to radians

    Use the Help from problem 9-90 or try the More Help:

  1. to radians

    See parts (c) and (d).

  1. radians to degrees

    See parts (a) and (b).