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Convert each of the following angle measures. Give exact answers. Homework Help ✎

There are multiple ways to approach these problems. Try different strategies to expand your personal toolkit.

  1. radians to degrees.

    Use the Hint from
    problem 9-90.
    Let and simplify.
    Notice, you do not need a calculator if you divide by as your first step.

  1. radians to degrees

    Use the Hint or Help from problem 9-90.

    Simplify by factoring out Giant Ones.

  1. degrees to radians

    Use the second part of the Help from problem 9-90.

  1. to radians

    Use the Help from problem 9-90 or try the More Help:

  1. to radians

    See parts (c) and (d).

  1. radians to degrees

    See parts (a) and (b).