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Find a reasonable equation for each function graphed below.

  1. Decreasing curve, coming from infinity left of the y axis, passing through the point (0, comma 5), changing from opening up to opening down at the point (2, comma negative 3), continuing down & right, passing through the points (1, comma negative 2), & (3, comma negative 4).

    What parent function resembles this curve?

    Where is the locator point?

    What is the general equation of a cubic function?

    Substitute the locator point for the horizontal and vertical shifts.

    How should the equation show that the curve is reflected vertically?

    A cubic function is a possible answer.

  2. Increasing opening up curve, coming from negative infinity just above y = negative 3, pasing through the points (2, comma negative 2), (3, comma negative 1), (4, comma 1), & (5, comma 5).

Follow a similar procedure as outlined in part (a).