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  1. Allison drove for a total of 2 hours. She drove 50 mph for the first 90 minutes and then drove 75 mph for the last 30 minutes. Homework Help ✎

    1. How far did she travel?

    2. Sketch a graph of this information using velocity in miles per hour and time in hours. Shade the area in the first quadrant that is under the graph. Describe the shape or shapes of the shaded region.

    3. What is the area of the shaded region?

    4. What units are used for the area? Use the units for the height and base of the rectangles to justify your answer.

What is distance in terms of rate and time? Be careful with the units. Convert minutes to hours since the rate is in miles per hour.
The first 90 minutes is started below. Finish the calculations.
50(1.5) + ...

The shaded region is two triangles. What is the area of each triangle?

What are the units of the x-axis and the y-axis?