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Solve at right.  

Right triangle, P Q R, labeled as follows: leg, Q R, 8 cm, hypotenuse, P R, 16 cm.

First label the triangle with lower case letters for the sides.

Labels added to sides as follows: Leg, P Q, labeled, r, Leg, Q R, labeled, p, hypotenuse, P R, labeled q.

What does it mean to solve a triangle?

Make a chart. Fill in with known information. Then find the unknown values.

Find the lengths of all sides and the angle measurements.



How could you find Angle P?

Once you have two angles in the right triangle, how do you find the 3rd angle?

In a right triangle, what famous theorem helps in finding a third side if two sides are already known?

Use the Sine function or the Law of Sines.

(the sum of the first two angles)

Pythagorean Theorem