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Harold, the happy concrete guy, got a call on the phone about some concrete he has to pour for an odd shaped triangular patio. The only information he got was that the side lengths were , , and meters long.

  1. Find the angles for Harold so he can stay happy.

Draw and label a diagram.

Since no angle measures are given, what formula should be used?

Law of Cosines

Triangle, A B C, labeled as follows: side, A B, 8 meters, side, B C, 6 meters, side, A C, ,5 meters.

Use the Law of Sines to find another angle.

  1. Find the area of the patio that Harold will be forming.

Draw a segment from angle C ⊥ to side .
Label the intersection point .

Using the sine function, calculate the height, .

Determine the area of  by calculating half of the base () times the height ().