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Andreas, the managing artist for the Mathematical Broadcasting Company (MBC), is designing a new logo for its on-screen mascot. Since you are working as his assistant, he has given you the task of labeling the radian measures for all of the marked angles around the curved perimeter on the semicircular design he has created. He has already labeled and for you. Sketch the diagram and label all of the distances from along the semicircle in terms of . Write your results as simplified fractions. 

Semicircle, with 12 equal sized pieces, labeled as follows, from right side, going counter clockwise: 0, 1 twelfth pi, 2 twelfth pi, 3 twelfth pi, 4 twelfth pi, 5 twelfth pi, 6 twelfth pi, 7 twelfth pi, 8 twelfth pi, 9 twelfth pi, 10 twelfth pi, 11 twelfth pi, & pi.