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Find the value of in each triangle below.

  1. Right triangle, short leg, labeled 12, long leg, labeled 20, angle opposite long leg, labeled, x.

    Set up a ratio using the tangent function.

b.Triangle, top side labeled, x, left side labeled, 10, left top angle labeled 65 degrees, bottom angle labeled 80 degrees.

Find the 3rd angle. Then use the Law of Sines.

  1. Triangle, top left side labeled 6.5, top right side labeled 7.1, third side labeled, x, angle opposite third side labeled, 119 degrees.

    You do not have an angle with an opposite side. So use the Law of Cosines.

  1. Triangle, left side labeled 15, right side labeled, x, top angle labeled 28 degrees, interior labeled, area = 60 square units.

    Drop a perpendicular line from angle F to AC.

    Using the sine function, find h in terms of the sin and .

    Set the area