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Copy the vector diagram on graph paper.

  1. Draw vectors equivalent to r and q so that you can add them easily.

    2 rays on grid, first runs right 7 & up 2, second starts at ending point of first ray, runs right 5 & down 2.

  2. Draw and label the resultant vector, r + q.

    Horizontal ray added, from same starting point as first ray, runs right 12, ending at end of second ray.

  3. Using the same initial point, draw and label q + r.

    Move vectors r and q above to show q + r.

  4. The quadrilateral you just drew has a special name. What is it?

  5. Challenge: You can prove that r + q = q + r by proving that your answer to part (d) is true. Use what you remember from geometry to justify the special name.
    challenge problem

3 rays on grid, top labeled p, runs right 5 & down 2, middle labeled q, runs right 5 & down 2, bottom labeled r, runs right 7 & up 2.