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To the right is a diagram of the standard compass directions. Another way to describe direction is the use of bearings, which are angles measured clockwise from due north. For example, due west has a bearing of , and northeast has a bearing of .

Vertical & horizontal lines intersect at the center, labels as follows, top of vertical line is North, bottom of vertical line is south, left of horizontal line is West, right of horizontal line is East.

  1. What bearing is due east? Draw a diagram to illustrate.

    Due North is .

  2. What bearing is southwest? Draw a diagram to illustrate.

  3. I head off toward my aunt's house at a direction which is east of due south. What is my bearing? Draw a diagram to illustrate.

    Ray added, starting at intersection, going down & right, angle between lower vertical line & ray, labeled 10 degrees.

  1. Record the definition of bearing in your Tool Kit along with a few diagrams to illustrate the concept.