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You know how to add vectors and you know how to draw the opposite of a given vector. You can use this knowledge to subtract vectors.

2 rays on grid, first labeled A, runs right 7 & up 3, second labeled B, starts at same point as ray A, runs right 5 & down 5.

2 rays on grid, first labeled S, runs right 8 & down 5, second labeled R, runs right 3 & up 6.

  1. Copy and  onto graph paper. Draw . Then add and . Explain why you can label your answer .

    Vectors and  are sketched for you.
    Reposition them so that you can draw the resultant vector.

    On grid, starting in lower left corner, ray labeled a, runs right 7 & up 3, starting in lower right corner, ray labeled b sub n, runs left 5 & up 5.

  2. Copy and onto graph paper. Then draw .