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Use your work from the previous problem to answer the following questions.  

  1. If the plane flies for hours (as originally planned), where will the plane be relative to Houston?

    Draw a diagram.

    Triangle, top horizontal side, opposite obtuse angle, labeled 210 times 1.5 = 315 miles, left side labeled 64 times 1.5 miles.

  2. Your pilot does not realize his error until you are due south of Houston. What course should you fly in order to head straight for Houston? How long would the entire trip (from New Orleans to Houston) take?

    Find the components of the resultant vector. The 'i' component needs to equal 315 miles. This will help you find the time for the first part of the trip.

  3. Suppose that you were aware of the weather conditions. What heading should you fly in order to have a true course towards Houston? Using this course, how long will it take to reach the destination?

    Draw a triangle and solve.

    , hours

Use the eTool below to help you complete this problem.

Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 10-37 HW eTool