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The sum of the areas for the right-endpoint rectangles of the function using rectangles on the interval is

  1. What does represent?


    Increasing concave down curve, starting at the point (negative 1 half, comma 0), passing through the point (0, comma 1), with vertical segments every half  from 1 to 4, with highlighted points on the curve at the vertical lines starting at x = 1.5, labeled f sub 1, f sub 2, f sub 3, f sub 4, f sub 5, f sub 6.

  2. Let . Use what you know to find the sum of the areas of the right-endpoint rectangles of on .

    The in the express raises the function up . So the total area is increased by because the base was .

  3. Find the sum of the right-endpoint rectangles for for .

    Since the whole graph is raised up and the base is still , how much more area would the new function have than ?