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Just below the key on your calculator is a key labeled .

  1. Do the three log laws work with ? For example, is it true that ? Check all three laws with several examples before you decide.

    Yes, all 3 laws apply.

  2. Since LN appears to satisfy all three log laws, it appears to be a log function. LN(X) is written or in mathematical notation. When speaking, you say the two letters separately: “el en of ” or “el en .” The letter “l” stands for logarithm and the letter “n” stands for natural; is the natural logarithm of . For logs base , . For logs base , explain why .

  3. By experimenting with different inputs, use the result of part (b) to find the base of the natural logarithm function () correct to the nearest .

    The base of the natural logarithm is close to