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Find the exact value of each of the following trig expressions.

  1. sin

    1. Plot the point on a unit circle.
    2. Find the sides of this special triangle.
    3. Be careful of the signs!
    4. Write the answer.
    Circle with 6 points evenly spaced around the circle, so that 2 are on the far right & left sides, all are blue except the one in fourth quadrant which is red, right triangle hypotenuse is radius from center to red point, horizontal leg is on right horizontal radius, co-terminal angle from horizontal leg to radius, divided into 5 equal sectors, shaded orange.

  1. cos

     bring  the point back to .

  1. cot

    Wrap clockwise because of the negative sign.

  1. sec

    Circle with green center point & orange point vertically below center on the circle.
    Since the sec\theta; is , this would be undefined because the  at .