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  1. For workers in the same tax bracket, the amount of money withheld for taxes varies directly with the individual’s income. When Kyleah worked in June, she earned $1537 and had $110.11 in federal taxes withheld. Homework Help ✎

    1. What is the value for the constant of proportionality? What does it represent in the context of the problem?

    2. If Kyleah had $128.17 withheld in July for federal taxes, how much did she make?

    3. Kyleah’s mother made $5476 and had $759.31 federal taxes withheld. Is this consistent with Kyleah’s withholding? Why is it different?

interest = earnings (constant)The constant is the withholding rate.

110.11 = 1537K
K = 0.07

128.17 = (Withholding rate) · (earnings)

759.31 = 5476 (withholding)
Is the withholding for Kyleah's mom the same as for Kyleah?