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First quadrant graph, x axis labeled, time (minutes), y axis labeled, entry rate, (fish per minute), continuous curve with approximate points as follows: starting @ (0, comma 25), rising to (20, comma 50), falling to (30, comma 30), rising to (38, comma 35), falling to (50, comma 10), rising to (55, comma 40), then falling down & right, area underneath the curve, and above & right of axes, is shaded to x = 60.The graph to the right shows the rate of salmon entering a fish hatchery during a minute period. 

  1. A gate fell a couple of times during the time interval disrupting the flow of the salmon. About what time did this occur?

    Where does the graph have a maximum followed by a steep decrease?

  2. What does the shaded area represent?

    Multiply the units on the axes.