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On grid, 3 rays, first, labeled ray v, runs right 8 & down 4, second, labeled ray u, runs left 3 & up 5, third, labeled ray z, runs left 3 & down 5.On graph paper, copy the vectors shown at right. Draw and label each of the following vectors. Leave room to separate each answer from the others.  

  1. , a vector equivalent to .

    Vector will be the same as vector , it just needs to begin in a different location.


    Use the example below to help you complete this part.

    Triangle whose 3 sides are rays, bottom black side, pointing left & up, labeled, Ray, A + ray b, left gray side, pointing down & left, labeled, ray b, right gray side, pointing up & left, labeled, ray a.


    This vector will have the same direction as vector , but it will be half as long.


    Review the hint in part (b) and the diagram below to help you complete this part.

    Ray, labeled, negative ray v, runs up & left.