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Use the diagrams below to complete the following problems.  

On grid, 2 rays with common end point, top ray, labeled ray a, runs right 7, & up 3, bottom ray, labeled ray b, runs right 5, & down 5.

On grid, 2 rays, top ray labeled ray s, runs 8 right, & 5 down, bottom ray labeled ray r, runs right, 3 & up 6.

To sketch a negative vector, interchange the 'head' and tail' of the given vector.
To add vectors, place the tail of the second vector at the head of the first vector.
Then sketch the resultant vector by connecting the initial point of the first vector to the final point of the second vector.

  1. Copy and onto graph paper. Draw . Then add and . Explain why you can label your answer .

  2. Copy and onto graph paper. Then draw .