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The table shows the prices for various-sized bags of rice offered at a grocery store.  

Bag size


lb bag

lb bag

lb bag

lb bag

lb bag

lb bag

  1. What are the costs per pound for each bag?

    Divide the cost by the bag size for each row.

  2. The answers for part (a) are average rates of change. What other data point is being used, but not shown, in these rate calculations?

    The data point is missing from the top of the table.

  3. Does the unit price increase or decrease with the size of the bag?

    Review your calculations from part (a). As you move down the table are your values for cost per pound increasing or decreasing?

  4. Does the rate change more drastically for smaller sizes or for larger sizes?

    Sketching a graph of rate with respect to bag size may help.