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graphLauren is playing with a yo-yo and keeping track of its height over time. She has plotted some key points on the graph at right. The ‑values are in inches and the ‑values are in seconds. Complete the following problems based on the graph. Homework Help ✎

  1. How much time does it take to complete one cycle?

  2. How long is the string?

  3. Write an equation that models the height of the yo-yo over time.

  4. Determine the first two times when the yo-yo is exactly inches above the ground.

Use the x-values to determine this quantity.

This is the difference in the maximum and minimum heights.

1. Amplitude
2. Vertical Shift
3. Horizontal Shift
4. b (frequency)

Note: Part (a) is the period and b = 2π<\i>/p
Test your answer in your graphing calculator.

Use a graphing calculator to determine where the function crosses y = 30.
Note: The first two times may have occurred before the curve in the given sketch.