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Piecewise graph, left piece, increasing curve coming from left, just above, y = negative 4, rising to infinity as it approaches, x = negative 4, center piece, decreasing curve, coming from infinity, right of, x = negative 4, passing through the point (negative 2, comma 0), ending at open point (0, comma negative 2), right piece, semi circle, starting at the origin, ending at the point (7, comma 0), with open point, (4, comma 4), & closed point at (4, comma 3).Use the graph at right to evaluate each of the following limits.  


    Remember to approach on the curve from both sides of .


    Approach on the curve from the left ( side) of only.


    As , what height does the graph approach?


    The function must approach the same height from both sides for the limit to exist.


    What happens at ?
    Does the limit exist here?