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  1. For each of the trigonometric functions below, decide if they are even, odd, or neither. Then use the even/odd properties of each function to complete each equation below. Homework Help ✎

    1. sin(–x) = _____

    2. cos(–x) = _____

    3. tan(–x) = _____

Review your work from parts (d) through (f) of problem 8-89.
An angle measure of 2πx = x in the unit circle.

If sin(−x) = sin(x), then sine is an even function.
If sin(−x) = −sin(x), then sine is an odd function.

Is the graph of y = cos(x) symmetric across the y-axis, or is it symmetric about the origin?

Is the sign of tangent the same in Quadrants I and II or is the sign the same in Quadrants I and III?