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Examine each graph below. Based on the shape of the graph and the labels of the axes, write a sentence to describe the relationship that each graph represents. Then state which axis represents the independent variable and which one represents the dependent variable. Homework Help ✎

  1. graph a

    The more gas you buy, the more money you spend.
    Gallons are independent and dollars are dependent.

  1. graph b

    People grow a lot in their early years, and then their growth slows. Age is independent and height is dependent.

  1. graph c

    As time goes by, the ozone concentration goes down, although the effect is slowing. The year is independent and the ozone is dependent.

  1. graph d

    As the number of students grows, more classrooms are used and each classroom holds students.
    I: students, D: classrooms.

  1. What are all of the possible inputs of the graph in part (d)? What are all of the possible outputs?

    Possible inputs: can be any number between and including and .
    Possible outputs: .