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Carlo got a pet snake as a birthday present. On his birthday, the baby snake was just cm long. He has been watching it closely and has noticed that it has been growing cm each week.    

  1. Create multiple representations ( table, graph, and equation) of the function for which the inputs are the weeks since Carlo’s birthday and the outputs are the length of the snake.

    Refer to problem 1-47.

  2. If the snake continues to grow at the same rate, when will it be meter ( cm) long? How can you see this in each representation?

    What point represents the length of cm in each representation?
    Show how to find the point using your graph, table, and equation.

    Increasing line, starting at (0, comma 26), & passing through (4, comma 34).

Create a representation by completing the table in the eTool below.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool:  1-92 HW eTool