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State the domain and range for each graph below. Then state whether or not it is a function.

The domain is the set of all -values of a relation or function.
The range is the set of all -values of a relation or function.
For a relation to be a function, each -value must correspond to only one -value.

  1. Circle, centered at the origin, going through the point (negative 3, comma 0).

    Not a Function

  1. Curved graph, starting at the closed point (1, comma negative 2), rising to about the point (2, comma negative 0.25), rising to the left, to the point (negative 3, comma 3), then rising to the right to the closed point (4, comma 4).

    Find the range.
    Is this a function?

  1. Piecewise graph, left piece, ray starting at the point (negative 1, comma 4), falling to the left, passing through the x axis, at negative 3. Right piece, line segment, from (negative 1, comma 4) to the closed point, (3, comma 5).

    Find the domain.
    Is this a function?

  1. Continuous, curved graph, decreasing from top left, turning at the following points: valley at (negative 2, comma 0), summit at (0, comma 3), valley at (2, comma negative 2), then rising, up & right. X intercepts: negative 2, 1, 3.

    This is a function.
    Find the domain and range.