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  1. Scientists can estimate the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by measuring increases in carbon emissions. In 1998 the annual carbon emission was about eight gigatons (a gigaton is a billion metric tons). Over the last several years, annual carbon emission has been increasing by about one percent. Homework Help ✎

    1. At this rate, how much carbon will be emitted in 2010?

    2. Write a function, C(x), to represent the amount of carbon emitted in any year starting with the year 2000.

What multiplier will you use for something that is increasing by 1%?

9.015 gigatons

You can either calculate the begining amount for 2000 and let time = x or
you can let the beginning amount be the same as in 1998 and let time = x + 2.

C(x) = 8(1.01)(x + 2) or 8.16(1.01)x