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Harvey's Expresso Express, a drive-through coffee stop, is famous for its great house coffee, a blend of Colombian and Mocha Java beans. Their archrival, Jojo's Java, sent a spy to steal their ratio for blending beans. The spy returned with a torn part of an old receipt that showed only the total number of pounds and the total cost, 18 pounds for $92.07. At first Jojo was angry, but then he realized that he knew the price per pound of each kind of coffee ($4.89 for Colombian and $5.43 for Mocha Java). Show how he could use equations to figure out how many pounds of each type of beans Harvey's used. Homework Help ✎

First, define variables you can use to write equations. Let c = the number of pounds of Colombian coffee beans. Let m = the number of pounds of Mocha Java coffee beans.

Next, set up an equation to represent the information about cost.

4.89c + 5.43m = 92.07

Now set up a second equation to show the total number of pounds.

Finally, solve your system of equations.