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Home > A2C > Chapter 4 > Lesson 4.2.2 > Problem 4-98


Graph these two lines on the same set of axes: and .

  1. Find the - and -intercepts for each equation.

    The -intercepts are and , and the -intercepts are and .

  2. Shade the region bounded by the two lines and the -axis.

    decreasing line, passing through points (0, comma 6), & (12, comma 0), Increasing line passing through the origin, & the point (3, comma 6), triangular area between the lines and above the x axis, is shaded.

  3. What are the domain and range of the region? How did you find these values?

    Look at the graph or the -intercepts to find the domain. Find the point of intersection to determine the range.

    The domain is , and the range is .

  4. Find the area of this region. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

    What are the base and height of the triangle?