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Solve the following inequalities and draw a number line graph to represent each solution.  Homework Help ✎

  1. Solve the corresponding equations to determine the boundary points.

    Solving yields or .
    Plot these points on a number line.

    Test a point in each region on the number line in the original inequality. Highlight the region(s) where the test point makes the inequality true.

    number line answer a

  1. See the steps in part (a).

    The boundary points in part (b) are the same as the ones in part (a). When you test a value between the boundary points you get a false statement.

  1. See the steps in part (a).

  1. number line answer d

  1. Describe any relationships you see among these six problems.

    How are the graphs of the 'less than' inequalities related to the graphs of the 'greater than or equal to' inequalities?