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  1. Abe, Barbara, and Cassie work at Budding Success Flower Shop. Each day, they plan to make bouquets in three styles in the quantities indicated by matrix E, an employees-by-bouquets matrix, shown below. Homework Help ✎ employees-by-bouqets matrix

    1. How many #2 bouquets will Cassie make each day?

    2. Who makes the most bouquets?

    3. If all employees make their quota each day for a full workweek (Monday through Friday), write a matrix that shows how many bouquet styles each worker made.

    4. Represent your answer to part (c) in terms of E.

Look in the row for Cassie and under the column for #2 bouquets.

Add columns #1, #2, and #3 for each employee.

Create a matrix in which each entry from the original matrix is multiplied by 5 (days/week).

See part (c).