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Abe, Barbara, and Cassie work at Budding Success Flower Shop. Each day, they plan to make bouquets in three styles in the quantities indicated by matrix , an employees-by-bouquets matrix, shown below.

  1. How many #2 bouquets will Cassie make each day?

    Look in the row for Cassie and under the column for #2 bouquets.

  2. Who makes the most bouquets?

    Add columns #1, #2, and #3 for each employee.

  3. If all employees make their quota each day for a full workweek (Monday through Friday), write a matrix that shows how many bouquet styles each worker made.

    Create a matrix in which each entry from the original matrix is multiplied by 5 (days/week).

  4. Represent your answer to part (c) in terms of E.

    See part (c).