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  1. Juan, Huang, and Danusha have pencils and pens in their backpacks. Juan has 3 pencils and 2 pens, Huang has 4 pencils and 5 pens, and Danusha has 6 pencils and 4 pens. Homework Help ✎

    1. Represent this information in a 3-by-2 matrix. Label rows and columns.

    2. Each pencil is worth 10 cents, and each pen is worth 25 cents. Represent this information in a matrix in such a way that you can multiply the first matrix by this one. Label rows and columns.

    3. Find the product matrix and interpret the 2, 1 entry.

The 2,1 entry is 1.65, and represents the total value of Huang's pens and pencils.