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Coordinate plane, 3 tick marks on x axis, labeled, negative pi, pi, & 2 pi, 2 tick marks on y axis, labeled negative 1 & 1. Curved wave, crossing the, x axis, at negative pi, the origin, & pi, rising to 1 between negative pi & 0, falling to negative 1, between 0 & pi. The graph at right was made by shifting the first cycle of  to the left.

  1. How many units to the left was it shifted?

    It is shifted π units to the left.

  2. Figure out how to change the equation of so that the graph of the new equation will look like the one in part (a). If you do not have a graphing calculator at home, sketch the graph and check your answer when you get to class.

    In the general equation , which parameter moves the graph horizontally?