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Use your graphing shortcuts to graph .  

Plot the - and -intercepts first. The -intercept is given. To find the -intercept,
substitute for and factor the quadratic. Plot the points you found.

  1. What is the vertex?

    The vertex is exactly halfway between the two -intercepts because a parabola's line of symmetry is on the vertex.

    At the vertex, the -coordinate is . Substitute into the equation to solve for and find the coordinates of the vertex.

    Plot the point you found and sketch the parabola.

    An upward parabola with vertex at (3, comma negative 4) and points at (1, comma 0), (5, comma 0), and (0, comma 5). Is the vertex the highest or lowest point on the graph?

  2. Describe the domain and range of this relation.

    What is the domain of this graph, that is, what are the possible -values?

    What is the range, or possible -values, of this graph?

    D: all real numbers R: