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Mr. C is such a mean teacher! The next time Mathias gets in trouble, Mr. C has designed a special detention for him. Mathias will have to go out into the hall and stand exactly meters away from the exit door and pause for a minute. Then he is allowed to walk exactly halfway to the door and pause for another minute. Then he can again walk exactly half the remaining distance to the door and pause again, and so on. Mr. C says that when Mathias reaches the door he can leave, unless he breaks the rules and goes more than halfway, even by a tiny amount. When can Mathias leave? Prove your answer using multiple representations.

Make a visual representation of Mathias' punishment.
Label the classroom and his starting point.
Then label the second point. It should be feet away from the classroom.
Keep dividing the distance in half until you reach a number less than . Draw a conclusion.

Mathias can never leave. If he reaches the door it will be because he broke a rule.
Try writing an exponential equation to represent this.