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One of Teddy's jobs at home is to pump gas for his family's sedan and truck. When he fills the truck up with gallons of gas, he notices that it costs him .

  1. How much does one gallon of gas cost? Explain how you found your answer.

    One way to go about this problem is to set it up as a proportion.

    Now multiply both sides by gallons and solve.

  2. How much will it cost him to fill up the sedan if it needs gallons of gas? Show your work.

    Multiply the price per gallon by the number of gallons.

  3. When Teddy filled up the tank on his moped, it cost . How much gas did his moped need? Explain how you know.

    Use a proportion to show the known price () over the unknown number of gallons and follow the strategy shown in part (a) to solve.