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To bake of his favorite cookies, Mr. Wallis needs grams of sugar.  

  1. How many grams of sugar would he need to bake cookies? What about cookies? Show all work.

    You can use a proportion to solve this problem. Once you find the amount of sugar necessary for cookies, simply multiply by to find the amount necessary for cookies.

  2. What is the unit rate? That is, how many grams of sugar are needed for cookie? 


    Sugar (g)

    Notice that it takes grams of sugar to create cookies. Divide by to get the unit rate.

    Unit rate: grams of sugar per cookie

  3. To help him know how much sugar to use when baking cookies, Mr. Wallis started to make a table, as shown above. Copy and complete his table on your paper. 

    Proportions, again, will be very useful. A sample proportion is provided below.

Complete the table in the eTool below to solve the problem.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: 2-106 HW eTool