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The graph below shows distances traveled by Car A and Car B. Car A is represented by the line containing point A, and Car B is represented by the line containing point B. Use the graph to answer the following questions. Homework Help ✎


  1. Which car is traveling faster? How can you tell?

    Look at the slopes of the lines.

    Car A, because its line is steeper.

  1. Find the coordinates of point A and point B.

    Look at the graph.

  1. How fast did Car A travel (in miles per hour)? How fast did Car B travel?

    Speed is equal to distance divided by time.

    Car A = 60 miles per hour
    Car B = 30 miles per hour

  1. Does the distance Car A has traveled vary directly with the time? Why or why not?

    Yes, because the graph of Car A is a straight line through the origin.