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  1. The table below shows the amount of money Francis had in his bank account each day since he started his new job. 4-100 HW eTool (Desmos). Homework Help ✎Francis looking at his account.

    Days at New Job

    Money in Account









    1. Write a rule for the amount of money in Francis's account. Let x represent the number of days and y represent the number of dollars in the account.

    2. When will Francis have more than $1000 in his account?

What was Francis' starting point, or b?

What is the growth each month, or m?

Substitute these values into the equation y = mx + b.

Which variable represents the amount of money?
Substitute $1000 for this variable in your rule.

Use the eTool below to explore the graph of this problem.
Click on the link at right for the full eTool version: AC 4-100 HW eTool