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Salami and More Deli sells a sandwich for parties. It weighs pounds. Assume the weight per foot is constant.

  1. How much does a sandwich feet long weigh?


  2. Draw a graph showing the weight of the sandwich (vertical axis) compared to the length of the sandwich (horizontal axis). Label the axes with appropriate units.

    Graph starting with the point where .

    Your graph should show a line with positive slope.
    Units on the vertical axis should be in pounds.
    Units on horizontal axis should be in feet.

  3. Use your graph to estimate the weight of a sandwich.

    What is the value of when ?

  4. Write a proportion to find the length of a sandwich.

    Compare sandwich length and height.


Use the eTool below to help you solve the problem.
Click the link at right for the full version of the eTool: AC 7-66 HW eTool