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  1. The area of the rectangle below is 24 square units. On graph paper, draw and label all possible rectangles with an area of 24 square units. Use only whole numbers for the dimensions (measurements). Homework Help ✎
    A rectangle divided into 24 square units.
    Area = 24 square units

    1. Find the perimeter of each of these rectangles. You may want to refer to the Math Notes box for this lesson for more information on the perimeter of a figure.

    2. Of these rectangles, which has the largest perimeter? Which has the smallest perimeter? Describe these shapes. Remember to use complete sentences.

1 by 24, 2 by 12, 3 by 8, and 4 by 6

The perimeter is the distance around the outside of a figure.

50, 28, 22, and 20 units

The largest perimeter is a thin rectangle, P = 50 units;
the smallest is close to a square shape, P = 20 units.