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Kristof worked at MacDonut’s for $8.00/hr. One Friday night, he worked 5 hours.

  1. How much did he earn that night? What is his rate of pay?

  2. Make a very careful graph of Kristof’s pay rate on a grid where the horizontal axis represents hours and the vertical axis represents dollars earned per hour. Because Kristof’s pay rate is constant, it will be represented by what kind of line?

  3. The area under your graph should be a rectangle. Divide the rectangle you get into smaller rectangles by drawing vertical lines at the 1­hour, 2­hour, 3­hour, 4­hour, and 5­hour marks. How many rectangles have your created?

  4. Explain to the other people on your team what the area of each of the rectangles you created in part (c) represents. Hint: What are the units of each side?