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  1. The two lines below represent the growing profits of Companies A and B. Homework Help ✎


    1. Sketch this graph on your paper. If Company A started out with more profit than Company B, determine which line represents A and which represents B. Label the lines appropriately.

    2. In how many years will both companies have the same profit?

    3. Approximately what will that profit be?

    4. Which company's profits are growing more quickly? How can you tell?

Company A's line should have a greater y-intercept, since they started with more profit than Company B.

See the graph below.

Find where the two lines intersect.

3 years

Determine the x-coordinate for this point.

The profit is the y-coordinate of the intercept. Each tick mark represents $10,000.

Growth is related to how steep a line is. Which line is steeper?