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  1. One of the Ways of Thinking for this course is justifying. This is how you think when you support conclusions with valid reasoning, such as with an algebraic property. For example, when you want to convince someone that 8x + (2x − 3) is equivalent to (8x + 2x) − 3, you can support your claim with the Associative Property of Addition.

    Determine if the following statements are true or false. If true, justify your conclusion by stating the appropriate algebraic property. If false, explain how you know. 2-59a HW eTool (CPM), 2-59b HW eTool (CPM) and 2-59c HW eTool (CPM). Homework Help ✎

    1. (8751)(38190) = (38190)(8751)

    2. 3 − 5 = 5 − 3

    3. 19.479 · 1= 19.479

True. Commutative Property of Multiplication

True. Identity Property of Addition

Define the properties you know.
Examples: Associative Property of Multiplication/Addition;
Commutative Property of Multiplication/Addition;
Identity Property of Multiplication/Addition

False. −2 ≠ 2

True. Identity Property of Multiplication