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A circle, with center, P, has points C, and D, A smaller circle, inside, also with center, P, has points, A, & B, placed so that line segment, P, C, passes through, A, and line segment, P, D, passes through, B.The figure at right shows two concentric circles.  

  1. Which arc has greater measure:  and ? Explain.

    They are similar. Both are the intercepted arc of central angle .

  2. Which arc has greater length? Explain how you know.

    We already know that both share the same central angle. Which one has a larger radius?

    Both arcs have the same measure.

     has greater length.

  3. If and , find the length of . Show all work.

    Arc is a fraction of a circle with a radius of and a circumference of .

    Therefore, the length of .