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For each triangle below, solve for the given variables.

  1. A triangle with sides labeled as follows: left, Y, bottom, 16 inches, right, 9 inches, and angles labeled, top, 110 degrees, left bottom, X.

b.A triangle with sides labeled as follows: top, X, right, 8 meters, with double tick marks, left, with double tick marks. bottom angle labeled, 27 degrees.

c.A right triangle with side lengths labeled as follows: vertical leg, 9 feet, horizontal leg, 13 feet, hypotenuse, y. Angle opposite the vertical leg, is labeled, X.

What law can you use to solve for the two variables?

(sin ) (sin )

Use the Law of Cosines.

What trig ratio can you use to find ? Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find .