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For each diagram below, write an equation to represent the relationship between .  

  1. Transversal line crosses 2 horizontal parallel lines, with angles labeled as follows: upper intersection, interior right, x, bottom intersection, interior left, y.

    What is the relationship between angles created by parallel lines?

  1. Circle with central angle, labeled, Y, and inscribed angle, labeled, X, intercept the same arc.

    What is the relationship between central and inscribed angles?

  1. Two chords intersect inside a circle, with the parts of the chords, labeled, relative to the intersection, as follows: top left, 3, bottom left, x, top right, 5, bottom right, y.

    Look at the triangles formed by the chords. How are they similar? How can this help you?

  1. 4 chords of a circle, form an inscribed quadrilateral, with one vertex angle labeled, x, and the vertex angle across, labeled, y.

    Look at the inscribed angles. What is their relationship to the arc? How can this help you?

    Recall that the measure for inscribed angles is half the arc it intercepts.