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​ Write and solve an equation from the geometric relationships provided in the diagrams below.  

  1. 5 sided polygon, with angles labeled as follows: top, 4, x, top right, 8, x, minus 10 degrees, bottom right, 90, bottom left, 6, x, + 4 degrees, top left, 90.

    Sum of interior angles 


  1. Right triangle, labeled as follows: vertical leg, X, horizontal leg, X, + 17, hypotenuse, 25.

    You can ultimately solve this problem by factoring.

  1. Triangle, with bottom side extended, to the right, right and bottom sides, each have 2 tick marks. Angles labeled as follows: interior left, X, + 4 degrees, exterior, 134 degrees.

    Note that because the figure is an isosceles triangle, two angles are equal to and the remaining angle is equal to , since it is supplementary to the angle of .

  1. A quadrilateral, with top and bottom sides, marked with double arrows, left top angle labeled, 3, X, + 15 degrees, bottom left angle labeled, X, + 9 degrees.