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When Ms. Shreve randomly selects a student in her class, she has a probability of selecting a left-handed student.  

  1. If her class has students, how many left-handed students are in Ms. Shreve’s class?

  2. If there are left-handed students in her class, how many students are not left-handed?

  3. What is the probability that she will select a student who is not left-handed?

  4. Assume that Ms. Shreve’s class has a total of students. She selected one student (who was left-handed) to attend a field trip and then was told she needed to select one more student to attend. What is the probability that the second randomly selected student will also be left-handed?

    Since , there are  left-handed students to start out with. However, after  left-handed student is selected, the probability of picking a left-handed student again becomes .