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Segments, A C, &, E B, are perpendicular, point B is between, A & C, point, D, is between, B & E, segments connects, A to D, & from, E to C, creating 2 triangles labeled as follows: Angle a, & angle e, each 1 tick mark, side, A D, 15, side, A B, 12, side, B C 9.Examine the diagram at right. If passes through point , then answer the questions below.  

  1. Are the triangles similar? If so, make a flowchart justifying your answer.

    What do the tick marks on the angles mean? What is ? How can these help you determine if the triangles are similar?

  2. Are the triangles congruent? Explain how you know.

    Use the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the length of .